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June 21 - Sept 6

Valli & Kim's 2016 Row by Row License Plates


                  Jungle Abstractions By Violet Craft:  
   The Elephant                                                          The Lion   
Jungle Abstractions: The Lion by Violet Craft

   The Giraffe   

   New Exciting Patterns   
   From Laura Heine of Fiberworks  
   New: Jill McDonald's  
   Meet The Royals Collection  

   New:  Shannon Brinkley's  
   Dryad Collection  
   New:  Kaffe Fassett's   
  Spring 2016 Collection  

   New:  Philip Jacobs'   
   Spring 2016 Collection   

   New:  Tula Pink's  
   Chipper Collection  

   New: Tiffany Lerman's  
  design * create * enjoy  
Welcome to Valli & Kim, located in Dripping Springs, Texas, your Gateway to the Hill Country between Austin and Fredericksburg. We are a full-service quilt store selling fabric, kits, books, patterns, notions and gifts. W
e want to inspire you in your next project with our beautiful selections from the industry leading fabric and pattern designers!

700 W Hwy 290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620
(512) 858-4433

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  Mon - Fri: 10:00 am-5:30 pm
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   100% Wool Products and   
   20/80 Wool/Rayon Blend Yardage  
by In the Patch Designs and
National Nonwovens
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   Meet The Royals  
   Soft Book Panel  
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   Shannon Brinkley's Dryad  
   Snack Pack Falling Leaves  

Big Game Quilt Pattern
By Emily Herrick
Fabrics By Shannon Brinkley,
Alison Glass & Carolyn Friedlander

   America's Garden Quilt   
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   in-store machines!  

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June 21 - Sept. 6, 2016
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