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About Us

Valli & Kim opened our doors in November 2010.

Kim's fabric background started with a "Martha Stewart" like mother teaching her three daughters (Kim is the baby) how to sew and craft at an early age. You will often find Robbie Downing (THE MOM) working in the store and helping customers find just the right piece of fabric. Ask Kim and she will show you her blue ribbon winning dress that she made for the 4-H Dress Revue at the age of nine. Quilting didn't happen until she was in her late 20's, even though both grandmothers and her mom have always quilted. Granny Spencer loved to yarn-tie her Nine Patch Quilts and MeMaw was a Flower Garden Quilt Queen. Kim is married to Jeff and mom to Taylor and Kaylee.

Valli has moved on to pursue her love of interior design and decorating.

Robbie (The Mom), Kenna (sister), Kezia (sister) and ME