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The Hill Country beckons to you – and the gateway to that beautiful scenery begins in the small, slow-paced and welcoming city of Dripping Springs. Stop, take a deep breath and stay around to enjoy the nice people, wonderful shops and good eats.

The “dripping springs” which served as the catalyst for the name of the city, is located in the heart of Dripping Springs. Visitors from all over the globe come to enjoy the history of our city, shop in well-known establishments and enjoy world famous barbecue.

So, head on out to Dripp'n!  Valli & Kim is not that far from Austin or San Antonio.  Valli & Kim offers a uniquely colorful and happy fabric store for quilters, crafty types and those who love to create!  When you come, bring your project as we would love to play in the fabric with you - hey we're quilters too!

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