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Quilt Talk


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You've got something unique to tell the world. What better
way to get your message across than sewing your words
into a quilt? Fiber artist and quilt designer Sam Hunter
teaches you how to say it all with 12 new projects featuring
modern, paper-pieced text blocks. Sam covers everything you
need to know about paper piecing, choosing fabrics, and
designing your own quilted words. Use Sam’s designs to
get started, and then stitch up your own words to give
any occasion the ultimate personal touch.

• Speak your mind with 12 complete quilted projects
featuring paper-pieced text blocks
• Say it loud and clear in an easy-to-read, modern font
that includes lower- and uppercase letters, numbers,
and symbols
• Make it personal: Learn to mix letter blocks with
other quilt blocks, so you can add text to any project